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Community Garden Application

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  2. Benton Franklin WSU Master Gardeners
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  5. Are you wheelchair bound?
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  7. Which Community Garden are you interested in?
  8. I agree to comply with all rules and regulations established by the City of Kennewick and the Hansen Park Community Garden Committee. Either I or a member of my household will be a member of the Garden Committee to manage the garden during the 2020 season. Participation in a community garden with the City of Kennewick is a voluntary activity. In consideration of permission to participate in this activity, I hereby agree to assume the risk of damaged, lost, stolen, or neglected property, injury, illness or death associated with participation in this activity. I agree to release the City of Kennewick, its employees, agents, representatives and volunteers and Washington State University Extension and it’s Master Gardeners from any and all liability that may arise in connection with this activity. I agree that the terms hereof shall serve as an assumption of risk and release for my heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignees and for all members of my family. Furthermore, I give permission to have my photo/video taken, without recompense, during City of Kennewick volunteer activities, which may be used for public relations, grants or publicity purposes.
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