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Fire System Inspection Request

  1. Fire Inspection Request
  2. Inspection Request Instructions & Agreement*

    1. To schedule for the following business day, submit inspection requests the previous business day before 4:00pm. 

    2. All work shall remain uncovered, visible and accessible for inspection. 

    3. Fire inspections are conducted from the ground level. 

    4. All work that requires a fire permit also requires an inspection of that work.

    5. The installation contractor is required to be onsite for the duration of the requested inspection.

    6. Approved fire protection system plans must be onsite at all times during the course of construction, along with a copy of the fire permit, and made available for inspection. When required documentation is not onsite for an inspection, the inspection will fail and be subject to applicable re-inspection fees and the inspection will have to be rescheduled for a later time, no sooner than the following business day.

    7. Acceptance test reports are required for each new fire protection system installed; the report must be submitted to our office via and then uploaded into the CSS Portal, by each installation contractor, prior to the release of the Certificate of Occupancy. The Tegris Property Access Code (PAC) will be added to each fire permit record and visible through the CSS Portal. 

    8. All Fire Alarm System Final inspections require the approved zone map to be onsite for the inspection. 

  3. This number MUST be the permit number you are requesting a final inspection for.

  4. Is there an interconnected system installed as part of this project?

    Coordination is REQUIRED if there is an interconnected fire protection system being installed by others simultaneously. If there is an interconnected system the inspection must be coordinated amongst all fire protection system installers - preferably by the fire alarm installer. Requests received that require coordination but it has not been made or communicated in this form will not be scheduled.

  5. Systems in addition to yours that are part of this project:
  6. Select Preferred Date & Time

    This is only a request, a calendar invite will be sent if we can accommodate the request. Inspections can generally be conducted between 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

  7. Inspections can only be requested by the contractor that pulled the permit. Exception: When a number of fire protection systems are being finaled that are tied together, the fire alarm contractor shall coordinate the scheduled date/time with the other fire protection installers to ensure everyone's work is complete and ready for final inspection at one time.

  8. Requested by:
  9. Calendar invite will be sent to this address if accepted and scheduled as requested.

  10. 13d Tenting Inspection Requirement
    • All work shall remain uncovered, visible and accessible for inspection. 
    • Fire inspections are conducted from the ground level. 
    • The water will be on and the house will be open or someone will be there to meet the inspector at the time scheduled.
    • Approved plans and fire permit must be onsite.

    Check this box to confirm your agreement and understanding.

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