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Fire Investigation Basic Digital Photography Class Registration Form

  1. Fire Investigation Basic Digital Photography Class Registration Form
  2. Registration Closing Date
    Wednesday, April 15th, 2020
  3. Class Dates
    April 20th - 24th, 2020
  4. Class Times: Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri
    8am - 5pm
  5. Class Time: Wednesday
    Plan for a night exercise. More information will be provided after registration has closed.
  6. Location
    Class will be held at the Kennewick Fire Department Training Center @ 1811 S Ely St., Kennewick. Possible off-site location for photographing scenes may be required. Transportation is the responsibility of the student.
  7. Meals
    Coffee and light refreshments will be provided daily. Lunch will be on your own, there will be an approximate one hour lunch break each day.
  8. Course Details
    This is an intensive hands on photography class that teaches the student how to use their department issued DSLR camera equipment. Students will learn to become confident using the equipment at crime scenes, searches, accident scenes as well as many other types of photography. This class is taught at a beginner’s level of basic photography fundamental’s to photographing many different types of scenes from small to large, daytime to nighttime. This course has many different practical shooting assignments which are indoors and outdoors with one nighttime assignment. Students must bring their department issued camera equipment or their personal camera equipment as long as they have ALL REQUIRED equipment for the class.
  9. Prerequisites
    Anyone involved in law enforcement or any field where photography is a requirement for documenting evidence and scenes. Must have ALL required equipment. A note about the equipment, after an investigation, many times the investigation comes down to the photographs taken. A department needs to have the proper equipment so the personnel are not limited in getting the photos they need. All the required equipment for this class is necessary for the department to properly photograph any scene. NO POINT AND SHOOT CAMERAS ALLOWED
  10. Required Equipment Agreement*
    By clicking this box I am confirming that I have reviewed the 'Required Equipment List' linked to from this form and further agree that all of this equipment will be with me during the class.
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