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Blasting Permit Inspection Request

  1. Blasting Permit Inspection Request
  2. What is the sequence number of this blast for the project? Example: 1st Blast, 2nd Blast, etc.

  3. Is Blaster making this request?
  4. If different than Blaster.

  5. Upload the map for visual reference and identify test shot area for this blast.

  6. Inspection Agreement*

    24 hour blast notifications are required, this request form fulfills that requirement. Once we receive your request we will send a meeting invite to confirm and you will see the inspection scheduled in your CSS Portal. If you have not received a response to this request via email or telephone prior to 8am on the day of the blast, please call our office at (509) 585-4302 or the Deputy Fire Marshal directly at (509) 521-2103.

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