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Apartment Fire Safety Program Survey

  1. Apartment Fire Safety Program Survey
    We are in the process of developing an Apartment Fire Safety Program and would like to confirm and update contact information and a few details about the facility. Questions about this form or the program can be directed to our office by calling 509-585-4352 or via email at
  2. Contact Information
  3. Rental Information
  4. What types of leases/rentals do you have?
  5. Highest and lowest if possible.
  6. Do you require renter's insurance?
  7. Do majority of your tenants have renter's insurance?
  8. Facility Details
  9. Is there a swimming pool on the property?
  10. Is there a clubhouse or community room/building onsite?
  11. Are there fire extinguishers onsite in common areas?
  12. Management and Inspections
  13. Does management require a fire safety pledge or agreement to be signed?
  14. Is there a regular inspection done by management of each unit?
  15. What is the inspection frequency by management, if done?
  16. Smoke alarms. CO alarms, doors and windows functional, etc...
  17. Smoke & CO Alarms
  18. Do you know if there are smoke alarms in every unit?
  19. Do you know if there are smoke alarms in the bedroom of each unit?
  20. If there are smoke and/or CO alarms in each unit, does management inspect them?
  21. Do you know if there are CO Alarms in every unit?
  22. What is the policy for how management assists with repair or maintenance of smoke and CO alarms?
  23. Smoking & BBQ's
  24. Is smoking in the units allowed?
  25. Do you have smoking restrictions in the Rental Agreement?
  26. Do you allow BBQ's on the decks of the units?
  27. If BBQ's are allowed, what surface are they on?
  28. Are there decks on units above the main floor?
  29. Specific fire safety concerns they have or feel they would benefit from having additional support or education from KFD about.
  30. Leave This Blank: