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Fire Department

  1. Apartment Fire Safety Program Survey
  2. Contact Us - Fire Prevention

    For questions about fire permit applications, business inspections, smoke detector battery replacements, fire investigations, fire... More…

  3. Determine Reduced Occupant Load
  4. Fire Investigation Basic Digital Photography Class Registration Form
  5. Fire System Inspection Request

    Request a fire inspection on a fire protection system permit or a building permit which requires a Fire Department final inspection.

  6. Public Education Requests on Hold COVID-19
  7. Ride-Along Application Packet Submittal Form

    This form will be used to transmit Ride-Along Application Packets to the Kennewick Fire Department for review and consideration.

  8. Vehicle Based Food Business Inspection Request - Fire Department

    Request a Fire Department inspection of a Vehicle Based Food Business truck or trailer.

  1. Blasting Permit Inspection Request

    Be Advised: Blaster is required to contact the Deputy Fire Marshal at 509-521-2103 at least one hour prior to each blast.

  2. Contact Us Form - Fire Department
  3. Fire Inspection Request Form

    Request a fire inspection by email; must have a valid fire permit number which will look like (example only: KFD-2021-00001).

  4. Fire Prevention Division Service or Assistance Request

    Please use this form to submit requests for service or action by Fire Marshal's Office staff.

  5. Public Education Request Form

    Complete and submit this form to request school presentations, safety talks, event attendance and/or station tours.

  6. Request for Fire Hydrant Flow Data

    Please submit this form if you wish to request fire hydrant (s) to be flowed and data sent to you for your construction project.... More…

  7. Smoke Alarm Assistance Request Form

    Please use this form to request the Fire Department to visit your home and replace the batteries in your smoke alarm.