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1. Does a particular address have City sewer or water hooked up to it or access to those services?
2. Does the City of Kennewick have any job openings?
3. How do I get information on a recreation classes / programs, pool, scholarships, employment and volunteer opportunities?
4. How do I get information on renting city facilities (fields, gazebos, City facilities and buildings)?
5. I have a concern about a mess on a property or other code violations.
6. How do I apply for a marriage license?
7. I need to talk to someone about my electric bill.
8. My water meter is broken or I have a water leak.
9. Questions about garbage bill accounts, payments, pick up, etc.
10. There is a dead animal in the street. What do I do?
11. Water or sewer account / billing sign up, change or payment.
12. What are the requirements for draining a pool or spa?
13. What do I do if the trees on private property are growing into the power lines?
14. How do I obtain an absentee ballot?
15. I have a question about Garbage Service.
16. How do we recycle our Christmas tree?
17. Are there coupons for the City Dump?
18. Is there a Senior Citizen Reduced discount for Waste Collection?
19. Does the City add fluoride to the water?
20. Water quality questions - fluoride in water, PH of water, water hardness, etc.
21. How do I report graffiti?
22. Where do I get a liquor license for a nonprofit fundraiser?
23. Where do I get a liquor license for a wedding, event, etc.?
24. Are permits required for yard sales?
25. How do I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate?
26. Whom should I speak with if I have questions about drainfields for septic tank systems?