Fire Protection Systems - Inspection Info & Criteria
  • All work shall remain uncovered, visible and accessible for inspection. 
  • Fire inspections are conducted from the ground level. 
  • All work that requires a fire permit, also requires an inspection of that work.
  • Installation contractor is required to be onsite for the duration of the requested inspection.
  • Fire Protection System inspections must be scheduled by the installation contractor; they can be requested using this Fire Inspection Request Form
    • These inspections can only be requested by the contractor that pulled the permit. 
      • Exception: When a number of fire protection systems are being finaled that are tied together, the fire alarm contractor shall coordinate the scheduled date/time with the other fire protection installers to ensure everyone's work is complete and ready for final inspection at one time. 
  • Inspection requests must be submitted by the previous business day at 4:00pm using this web form, or call 509-585-4352 to schedule by phone but allow two business days notice.
Fire Inspection Request Form

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