How do I change my court date?
If you are represented by an attorney, please contact your attorney.

Arraignment Hearing: If you have received notice for an Arraignment Hearing, and would like to request a continuance, you may contact the Benton County District Court at 509-735-8476 ext 3249.

Probation or Non-Compliance Hearing: If you are scheduled for a Monday Probation Hearing, please contact the Benton County District Court Probation Department at 509-735-8476, Option 7.

Pre-Trial Hearing: If you are requesting a continuance of any other type of hearing and are not represented by an attorney, you may contact our office at 509-585-4274 or by e-mail. Please note that you may not speak to an attorney about your case directly. Our office will be limited to noting our file of your intended absence and requesting the court to note your failure to appear and reset the case. We cannot excuse you from your court ordered appearance. The judge has the final decision as to whether to issue a bench warrant for your failure to appear or to grant a continuance.

Trial Readiness and Jury Trial or other Motion Hearing: Our office cannot excuse you from your trial appearance. In the event you fail to appear for a Trial Readiness, Jury Trial Hearing, or other Motion Hearing, we will request a bench warrant. In addition, it is likely new charges of Bail Jumping will be added to your existing charges.

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1. How do I change my court date?
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