New Pathway Completed Between Edison Street and Union Street

A paved pedestrian/bicycle pathway project between Edison Street and Union Street was just completed. The City is very grateful to the contributions of our community partners who made this project a success.

The City received $353,000 through the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) to construct a 12-foot wide paved pedestrian walkway that serves as a school walk route and provides residential pedestrian access. The project included a segment connecting Dawes Street and Edison Elementary to the pathway for a total length of around 0.6 miles of new pathways.

The City of Kennewick receives funds annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to administer the CDBG program. This program funds various nonprofit agencies and other city departments to implement services that benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

Design for this pathway project was performed by City staff along with construction administration and inspection. The actual construction was completed by the contractor Central Washington Asphalt, which is headquartered in Moses Lake, WA.

In addition to receiving financial assistance from HUD, the City received donated easements and a special bonus amenity from the IBEW Local Union #112 membership. Partnership contributions:

  • IBEW Local Union #112 - Donated a 26’ wide Public Access Easement on the southernmost portion of their property, which allows the public, access to the pathway off Edison Street and donated a drinking fountain with a dog bowl attachment.

When Travis Swayze, Business Manager, IBEW Local #112, brought the proposal to the membership to donate the property for the walk path, he said the membership was very receptive to the idea of partnering with the City of Kennewick and giving back to the community that they serve. The membership then came up with the idea to add the water fountain with a dog waterer. Supplying the fountain was just under a $10k investment. “We are very happy with how the project turned out,” Swayze said.

  • Kennewick Irrigation District – Granted the City a license agreement to allow for the construction and maintenance of the City’s 12-foot wide paved pathway within the KID’s Lowlift Canal Right of Way from Edison Street to Union Street.

  • Kennewick School District – Granted the City a 20’ access easement to allow for the construction and maintenance of the pathway along the western-most property boundary of Edison Elementary.

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