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The relationship between Tri-Tech Skills Center and the Kennewick Fire Department is truly amazing!  What started as a budding Firefighting Program with limited equipment, has now grown into a fully functional Training Center equipped with a training tower, Type 1 Engine, SCBA program (including SCBAs and a fill station), personal protective equipment (PPE), academic support from International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) texts, and online Action Training Software. 


Tri-Tech is a tuition-free public school that accepts enrollment of students aged 16-20, all high schools within the Tri-Cities and the surrounding areas, who have not yet earned a high school diploma.  Classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons; sessions are 2.5 hours.  Students desiring to enroll in the Firefighting Program must meet the minimum prerequisite academic requirements.

Program CurriculumTri-Tech Program Instructor Allington

Our first priority is to help students develop a love for the Fire Service, by teaching them to become valued team members, servant- leaders, and employees who honor the uniform and will come to work prepared.  The core curriculum focuses on Structural Firefighting, EMS exposure, and Wildland Firefighting.  The program develops the required teamwork, leadership, mental, and physical skills required to be successful in the fire service.  Second year students may participate in BCFD #4 Conditional Volunteer Program, where students are hired as Volunteer firefighters with BCFD #4 and given the opportunity to attend the County Regional Fire Academy, leading to completion of their IFSAC Firefighter 1, HazMat Awareness, and HAZMAT Operations certifications.  This program is exclusive to our 2nd year Tri-Tech students, giving them a significant advantage in this competitive career field.

Students have the opportunity to earn fire service certifications, college credit (up to 15 credits from Columbia Basin College), and are well prepared for additional training after high school.

Potential Certifications Available

• First Aid
• Fire Behavior
• Basic Wildland Firefighter
• IFSAC Firefighter 1
• HazMat Awareness
• HazMat Operations

Kennewick Fire Department Sponsorship

The Kennewick Fire Department serves as the Tri-Tech Firefighting Program Washington State Apprenticeship sponsor, and as such, provides the program’s primary source of support for manpower, equipment, and a one-of-a-kind Ride-Along program.  This sponsorship has enabled Tri-Tech’s Firefighting Program to become the first Washington State Pre-Apprentice Program, and has gained both state and national recognition!

Area Partnerships

Tri-Tech’s Fire Program is fortunate to have a tremendous amount of support from our local jurisdictions.  All programs offered at Tri-Tech receive input and guidance from advisory boards, comprised of individuals experienced in the industry.  The Fire Program is supported by an Advisory Board that includes area Training Officers, Chiefs, Firefighters, Explorer Post Commanders, and CBC Directors.

Additional Information

Instructor/Firefighter, Nathen Allington has successfully led the Firefighting Program at Tri-Tech Skills Center since 2007.  For additional information, visit Tri-Tech's website.

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