1. What can I do about a barking dog in my neighborhood?
  2. Who should I call if I have a stray or escaped animal running around my neighborhood?
  3. Who provides animal control services in the City of Kennewick?
  4. How do I report a potentially dangerous animal in my neighborhood?
  5. How many dogs can my neighbor have?
  6. Can I have chickens on my property?
  7. Who do I contact about a dead animal in the street?
  8. How do I prosecute someone for giving my business a bad check?
  9. How do I prosecute someone who rented property from our business but stopped making payments—and now I cannot retrieve the property?
  10. Can the Kennewick City Attorney’s Office provide me representation, legal advice, or a legal referral to help me in my civil dispute or family law matter?
  11. I am having a dispute with my landlord over the conditions of my property, something he or she is doing or refusing to do, or other practices I feel are unjust. Will you please help me?
  12. I am having problems with a tenant and would like to start eviction procedures. How can I do that?
  13. I am having a dispute with a neighbor over a vegetation crossing over onto my property. Do I have the right to cut down or kill the vegetation that is over my property line?
  14. How do I change my court date?
  15. How do I obtain the police reports for my criminal charges?
  16. How do I quash my warrant?
  17. May I talk to a prosecutor about my charges?
  18. I cannot afford a defense attorney. How do I get one appointed to me?
  19. I have a warrant on an unresolved case and I live out of the area. I cannot afford to come back to appear in court. What can I do?
  20. I received a Public Defender and want to “fire” them. What do I do?
  21. I entered into a Deferred Sentence or Stipulated Order of Continuance and now I received a notice for a Sentencing Hearing. I thought this was supposed to go away if I complied. What do I do?
  22. I received a Complaint charging me with Theft, however, I paid the store at the time I was caught shoplifting. Why am I also being charged?
  23. How do I open a recreational marijuana retail store in Kennewick?
  24. My neighbor has outdoor marijuana grow and the smell is a nuisance. Who can I contact?
  25. How do I get a copy of my traffic infraction for my hearing?
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  1. City Attorney's Office

    Physical Address
    210 W 6th Avenue
    Kennewick, WA 99336

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 6108
    Kennewick, WA 99336

    Fax: 509-585-4424