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To the east of Columbia Park, which occupies a 6 mile stretch of the Columbia River, Columbia Drive is the gateway to Clover Island and the home of the Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village. From the high traffic entrances at Hwy 395/Hwy 240 in the west and Hwy 397 in the east, motorists pass auto sales/services and various Columbia Drive pit stops en route to waterfront dining, public art, a marina and hotel amenities at Clover Island.
The City and Port of Kennewick are developing a wine-centered waterfront destination.  There is a city-owned and operated wastewater treatment facility on site.  Parcels are available for sale or lease to include: Columbia Gardens (3.5 acres); The Willows (4.69 acres); and Cable Greens (3.23 acres).  All parcels can be sold or ground leased in smaller lots.

Rivershore site development by the Port of Kennewick is ongoing.