Patrol Division


The function of the Kennewick Police Department Patrol Division is to provide professional law enforcement services to our community. These services include crimes in progress, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and other emergency and non-emergency calls. Personnel assigned to the patrol division are full-time sworn officers, trained and certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission


There are 56 uniformed officers assigned to the patrol division. Staffing consists of 1 Captain, 5 Sergeants, 4 Corporals and 46 Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division in the police department and provides law enforcement service to our citizens 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There are several units within the patrol division such as, K-9, Traffic, SWAT, and Reserve Officers.


The Kennewick Police Department is committed to developing a professional, well-trained, educated team of officers dedicated to providing our community the highest level of police protection and service. Patrol officers work 12 hour shifts and are assigned to one of four squads, A-Squad, B-Squad, C-Squad or D-Squad


In an effort to provide better police response, The City of Kennewick is divided into 3 geographical patrol areas: Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3. Officers are assigned to and patrol specific districts. This constant assignment allows officers to get to know their districts including residents, businesses, and problems specific to one particular area. This concept also allows residents and businesses to get to know their officers, enhancing communication which leads to problem identification and resolution.


The Patrol Division works in unison with the other Kennewick Police Department Divisions to provide a safe community to the citizens of Kennewick.