Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC)

The Kennewick Fire Department is one of several agencies in the state of Washington that participates in the Joint Apprenticeship Training Council (JATC) to support the training of our entry-level firefighters.   The mission of the JATC is to “promote firefighter safety and professional development by providing uniform standards for training, competencies, and educational opportunities for career firefighters in Washington State.” 

The JATC represents a partnership between management, represented by the Office of the Washington State Fire Marshal, and Labor which is represented by the Washington State Council of Fire Firefighters, AFL-CIO.  This innovative and collaborative program has the dual purposes of raising the bar in terms of the quality of education and training within the fire service, and to set the standard for professional firefighters in the state of Washington.  For more information, contact the Fire Training Center.
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