Ride-Along Program

Are you interested in a career in the fire service? Are you looking for an opportunity to experience the daily operations of a fire department?

The Kennewick Fire Department has a Ride-Along Program that allows for applications from citizens that have a practical need to ride with Kennewick Fire Department crews. Riders under the age of 18 are prohibited unless they are enrolled in the Tri-Tech Firefighting Program. 

If you are interested in applying to participate in a ride-along with a Kennewick Fire Department crew, please review the policy below to determine if you qualify. 

KFD Ride-Along Program Policy

If you meet the criteria, please download, review, and complete the documents below. 

Ride-Along Application Form

Ride-Along Liability Release Form

Ride-Along Rules of Conduct

Ride-Along Applicants that have not completed a background check through an approved program will be required to complete one at their own expense. The preferred method to obtain a background check is through the Washington State Patrol (WSP) Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) portal. 

To access the WATCH Portal, use the link below: 


Submit your completed Ride-Along Program Application: 

When you are ready to submit the application packet, compile the signed Ride Along Application Form, Ride Along Liability Release Form, Ride Along Rules of Conduct and the background check, and submit your packet through the form below. The Deputy Chief of Operations will review your packet and someone will be in contact with you with the results of the application review. 

Ride-Along Application Packet Submittal Form

  1. Please note: Unless enrolled in an approved medic program, a ride along may only be scheduled on Monday - Friday's and will begin at 0800 and end at 1700. 

  2. Upload the Ride-Along Application Packet, Ride-Along Rules of Conduct, the Ride-Along Liability Release Form and the completed background check here. Please double check that your forms are legible and complete prior to submission. 

  3. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
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