Paramedic Internship Programs

Since the early 80’s, the Kennewick Fire Department has supported paramedic programs around the northwest, by providing supervision and internship opportunities to individuals working to complete their paramedic school field experience. Over the years, we have supported no less than seven different programs in this effort. During that time, KFD has been a primary ride location for both Columbia Basin College and Central Washington University's paramedic programs, allowing hundreds of students to gain the knowledge and experience they need to graduate from the highly-trained paramedics who serve the citizens of Kennewick.

While there is a direct benefit to the students, there is a distinct advantage afforded to the citizens and City of Kennewick by supporting these institutions of higher learning. Not only does this provide KFD with an opportunity to mold and train the future generations of paramedics who may someday become employees of our City, it also encourages our current employees to stay at top of their field - knowing the latest and greatest tips and techniques that being taught in this ever-changing element of our health care system.

If you are a paramedic student and would like to perform your internship activities at KFD, contact our EMS Officer.
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