Kennewick Fire Department continues to "Lead the Way" in our region with exceptional training provided through KFD's Training Division.  Training comes through a variety of methods including hands-on standardized drills, customized curriculum developed by in-house Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs), attendance at outside conferences and workshops, and opportunities for expert instruction by seasoned professionals. 

Subject-Matter Expert ProgramSME VanHorn

What started as a mere concept in early 2015, has now expanded into a department-wide, customized training program developed by  in-house subject-matter experts with knowledge and expertise in priority specialty areas.  For one-month at a time, KFD personnel experts voluntarily commit to move from their shift assignments to days, in order to develop and teach customized curriculum to their fellow firefighters.  This new, creative mind-set is aimed at leadership development, with the added bonus of expert training at a cost savings to our department!
To date, KFD SMEs have begum development of the following customized curriculum:
• KFD Ladder Practices
• Proper Lifting Techniques
 • Air Management
• Wildland Firefighting in the Urban Interface
• Extensive Library of Fire Simulations and Size-up Practice
• Automotive Extrication
• Forcible Entry
• Flow-path Management