Skate Parks

Grab your boards, bikes, helmets and pads and have fun at Kennewick skate parks. There are many skateboard and roller-blade enthusiasts in Kennewick. Skate facilities provide a place where youth and adults can socialize learn new skating techniques, and display skills Skaters can enjoy the thrills of down ramps, rails, and quarter pipes!

Civic Center Skate Park

Civic Center Skate Park has a big 4 stair drop with 2 round rails down it and one is kinked. It has a ledge going down the handicap ramp,  and a pyramid cement, and small 1/4 pipes all around the park. There is a flat rail and a spine and bigger 1/4 pipes of smooth metal. The bowl goes down about 5-6 feet with coping and spine and hip.

This park is outdoors, with a concrete bowl, rail, 1/4 pipe, bank, and a 3 sided pyramid, ledge and two 1/4 pipe trannies that form a hip.

Columbia Park Skate Park

Columbia Park Skate Park is a 120 foot by 102 foot skate park dream built in 2007. It has its own unique features including jump boxes, grind boxes, planter, quarter pipes and much more.