Patrol Division


Patrol is the largest division within the Kennewick Police Department. Patrol is responsible for providing the majority of services to the citizens and visitors of Kennewick. Patrol provides services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a year. 

The division has four, twelve officer squads made up of two supervisors and ten officers.  In addition, each squad has officers who receive special training related to Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) operations, media relations and gang intelligence. There is also a seven officer Traffic Unit that provides education and enforcement services related to vehicle, pedestrian and school zone safety.   


The Kennewick Police Department has two police K9 teams each serving a specific function for the agency. Officer Kohn and his partner Axel are a traditional patrol apprehension K9 Team. Their primary function is to support all operations where criminal apprehension is required. Using dogs enhanced senses they track and locate fleeing suspects, locate evidence and provide enhancements to officer safety. Officer Merkl and his partner Bear are trained to sniff out illegal narcotics and articles associated with trafficking and use of illegal narcotics.


The goals of the unit are traffic enforcement and traffic education. Traffic enforcement duties include writing traffic citations, DUI enforcement, traffic emphasis and collision investigation. The unit also assist the community's needs for greater traffic safety education by participating in the "Every 15 Minute Program" a program presented to high school seniors emphasizing, on an average, every 32 minutes someone dies in an alcohol related collision; elementary school crossing guard training; and driver awareness education.