Traffic Signs & Public Property

Traffic Signs & Signals Visibility Standards

Official traffic control devices (regulatory and warning signs, traffic signals, etc.) must be completely and continuously visible to motorists traveling along a street at the minimum distance listed in the following table.

Visibility Standards

Posted Speed Limit Distance in Advance of Traffic Control Device
55 miles per hour 625 feet
50 miles per hour 540 feet
45 miles per hour 460 feet
40 miles per hour 390 feet
35 miles per hour 325 feet
30 miles per hour 270 feet
25 miles per hour 215 feet
20 miles per hour 175 feet

For traffic control devices to be visible this will mean the landscaping will have to be maintained at a height greater than seven feet.

Public Property

The land between the street and private property line is part of the public right-of-way. However, City Codes require the adjacent property owner or resident to maintain this area, including the adjacent sidewalk.

In nearly all cases the offending tree, shrub, fence, etc. is either on private property or was placed on the public right-of-way by the adjacent property owner or resident. It is, therefore, the property owner's or resident's responsibility to maintain the area so it does not cause problems. That is just being a good neighbor.

We try to notify the property owner or resident of the need to correct a problem and give them a reasonable time to make the necessary corrections.