Backflow / Cross Connection

Maintain the Water Quality

State and Federal regulations impose provisions on water supply systems, which are intended to ensure that the quality of water is not compromised as a result of its delivery through the distribution system. In order to assure safe water is supplied at the consumer's tap, the City of Kennewick maintains an active Cross Connection Control Program that has been authorized by Kennewick Municipal Code (KMC) 15.41. The provisions of this KMC apply to all premises receiving potable water provided by the City of Kennewick. The owner or occupant of any premise covered by this KMC is required to comply with the provisions of this chapter.

Proactive Approach

The City of Kennewick has had a proactive Cross Connection Control program since 1978 when an unprotected cross connection between the City water and irrigation water was suspected to have caused several people to be hospitalized. The intent of the Cross Connection Control Program is to protect the City's water system from coming in contact with any contaminate that may enter into the water distribution system. The most common form of system contamination is from cross connections.

Complex Processes

Over the years, water treatment processes have become more complex in an effort to provide the highest quality water possible to the water utilities customers. The protection of the water sources, rivers, wells, and lakes, combined with new water treatment procedures, enable the water purveyor to achieve this goal.

Definition of Cross Connection

A cross connection, as defined by the Cross Connection Control Committee of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Section or the American Water Works Association (AWWA), is "Any actual or potential physical connection between a potable water line and any pipe, vessel, or machine containing a non-potable fluid or has the possibility of containing a non-potable fluid, solid or gas, such that it is possible for the non-potable fluid, solid or gas to enter the potable water system by backflow.