Water Conservation Tips

Glass of Water

Four Steps to Save Drop by Drop


Look at water habits developed over a lifetime. A lot of water goes down the drain because we have always thought of water as being plentiful and cheap. Become conscious of the amount of water you use and look for ways to use less whenever you can. Most importantly....think as you use water!

Check for & Repair Leaks

A leak of just one drop per second wastes 2,400 gallons of water a year. Leaks are one of the great enemies of your water conservation program and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Install Water Saving Devices

There are many devices available to you at no charge which can be installed fairly easily to reduce water consumption. These include kitchen and bathroom sink aerators; low flow shower heads; and displacement devices for toilets. Investing the time and labor to install these can give big paybacks to reduce water use.

Reuse Water

Unused or slightly used water is often suitable for other purposes, even with no treatment or filtration. For example, use fish tank water on your household plants. Besides saving water, it's a good fertilizer. During a severe drought, reusing water may become a necessity. When maximum conservation is called for, make the most of any water before you let it go down the drain. 

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