Animal Licensing

Tri-City Animal Shelter Program

The City does not have an animal licensing requirement for standard domestic animals.  The City does encourage its citizens to participate in the Tri-City Animal Shelter's program whose primary goals are to ensure that lost dogs and cats are returned to their owners and to enforce compliance from property owners whose dogs or cats are creating a public nuisance.

The City strongly promotes pet owners using identification tags on their pets and to have their pets micro-chipped for permanent identification so that if a pet is ever lost it can be reunited with its owner. Pet Microchip Identification Form
Dogs and cats are required to have rabies vaccinations and will not be released from impoundment without proof of a current rabies vaccination.

 In districts zoned for farm animals (cattle, horses, sheep, etc.), there are no special permitting requirements.

Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dog Permits

There are special permitting requirements for animals determined to be dangerous or potentially dangerous.  Animals may be declared dangerous or potentially dangerous based on their behavior and as determined by the animal control authority.  Permits for these dangerous or potentially dangerous animals must be acquired through the Tri-City Animal Shelter.  Permit requirements can also be found in Chapter 8.02 of the Kennewick Municipal Code.

If you wish to appeal a Dangerous Dog or Potentially Dangerous Dog Declaration, please fill out the Request to Appeal Declaration of Potentially Dangerous Animal/Dangerous Animal form and return to the City Attorney's Office with a readable copy of the issued declaration.