What is Zoning?

Zoning is a regulatory tool used to separate incompatible land uses from each other. For example, a meat processing plant would not be permitted in a residential neighborhood.

Zoning Designations

Each parcel of land within the City is assigned a zoning designation such as:
  • Residential, Low Density (RL)
  • Commercial, Community (CC)
  • Commercial, General (CG)
  • Industrial, Light (IL), etc.
Each zoning district has specific uses that are permitted and specific development standards for building in that specific zoning district.

How Can I Find Out My Zoning?

With the City of Kennewick's Zoning Map application, you can locate your property and find out what it is zoned.

How Can I Find Out What Is Allowed in My Zone?

Title 18 of the Kennewick Municipal Code is the City's " Zoning Code." The City has identified permitted uses in each zone. You can find out what is permitted in your zone by looking in Chapter 18.12, "Zone Districts and Standards".

Uses are described in the "Residential Use Table" and the "Table of Non-Residential Uses." If you have trouble finding your way through the tables you can contact the Community Planning Department at (509) 585-4280 and our staff can assist you in finding out what you can do on your property.