Step 1: Determine if a Building Permit is Required

Do I Need to Apply for a Building Permit for Commercial Alterations, Remodels, Repairs or Improvements?

Most commercial projects require a building permit. Please contact the Building Safety Division to determine if a permit is required for your project or for any change of use or occupancy. The Building Safety Division can be contacted at 509-585-4276 for general information.

What Plans Do I Need to Provide to Have a Complete Submittal?

Generally, an application for a building permit includes:
(Note: Some plans or calculations may not always be necessary. You should contact the Building Safety Division for more specific information.)

When I Submit My Building Plans & Forms, Will I Need to Pay a Plan Review Fee?

A plan review fee is required at the time of submittal for all commercial projects. Please contact the Building Division at 509-585-4276 for the fee amount.

Where Do I Submit My Building Plans & Forms?

Building Safety Division
City Hall
210 W 6th Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336