Business Licensing

Step 1: Check the zoning and permitted uses of your location

To operate your business from a commercial location within the City limits of Kennewick, it is very important that you verify that your business activity meets the zoning requirements for the location you have selected.

Use the Zoning Map to find out the zoning classification for a property.
Use the Commercial Zoning Table to find permitted business uses in each zone.
Find additional information on Commercial Zoning

Step 2: License your business

The City of Kennewick is a licensing partner with the State of Washington Business License Service's (BLS) combined licensing program. This city-state partnership saves you time by combining renewals and applications into one easy process with one yearly payment. With BLS, you can apply for or renew your Kennewick license along with hundreds of other state and city licenses online through the Washington State Department of Revenue - BLS.

Regulatory Licenses

The following regulatory licenses must be obtained from the City of Kennewick only:
  • Cabarets
  • Vehicles for Hire
  • Adult Concessions
  • Alarm Dealers and Installers
  • Secondhand Dealers
Request and return completed applications to City Hall. Call 509-585-4266 for more information.

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