Permit Exceptions

Exceptions & Requirements

Not all projects require a land use permit or building permit. Below is a list of exceptions listed by permit type. Some projects may not require a land use permit, but may require a building permit. If you are uncertain about whether your project requires a permit or if you have questions, please contact the Building Safety Division at 509-585-4276 or the Community Planning Division at 509-585-4280.

Exceptions from Land Use Permits

  • New single-family residences up to two units (requires building permit)
  • Temporary land uses that do not exceed 10 days (may require a business license)
  • Residential accessory structures (i.e. sheds, pole buildings) (requires building permit)
  • Garage sales

Exceptions from Building Permits

  • Detached residential accessory structures that do not exceed 200 square feet in floor area (must meet set back requirements and not encroach on or over any easement)
  • Retaining walls that do not exceed 4 feet in height (measured from the footing to the top of the wall)
  • Certain water tanks supported directly on grade
  • Finish work (painting, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, etc.)
  • Prefabricated swimming pools less than 24 inches deep
  • Swings and other playground equipment
  • Window awnings that project no more than 54 inches from the wall and do not require additional support