Background Information


In 2002 a steering committee formed of the Downtown Kennewick and Columbia Drive Association (now known as the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership) and the City of Kennewick brought the Urban Design Assistance Team (UDAT) to Kennewick to establish a vision for the area bounded by the Blue and Cable Bridges, the Columbia River and Railroad tracks near Canal Dr. generally.

Vision & Guidance

After months of workshops, meetings and public input involving the volunteer design professionals and planners, the general public, public agency staff and the UDAT, the Bridge to Bridge / River to Railroad report was released providing a vision and guidance to help "Bring back the magic of the river."


In the fall of 2009, the City of Kennewick began preparing a plan to revitalize the area bounded by the Blue Bridge, Cable Bridge, Columbia River and Railroad tracks just north of Canal Drive, based on the community vision established in the 2003 Bridge to Bridge / River to Railroad report. This process included multiple meetings with property owners, business owners, residents and interested citizens during 2010.


In 2011 the City felt that in order for the public's vision for the "Bridge to Bridge" area to become reality, it would need to incorporate the substantial positive changes occurring in the area and adjust the plan in order to accommodate them. Since that time, City Staff has been working closely with the Port of Kennewick on these changes.


On May 27, 2015, with the majority of major changes under way in the area, the City reintroduced the plan to the public as it was drafted. On June 15, 2015 a second Open House was held to introduce the proposed changes to the draft. On October 5, 2015 the City Council adopted the Bridge-to-Bridge River-to-Rail Revitalization Plan.