2024 City-Wide Asphalt Overlay (P2401)

Project Description

Work will involve planing (grinding), HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) overlay, patching of miscellaneous failed areas, concrete sidewalk ramp upgrades, pavement lane striping, cross walks, stop bars, markings, cast-in-place curbing and other related work.

The following streets are included in the 2024 City-Wide Asphalt Overlay project:

  1. Grandridge Blvd. (Gage to Center Parkway)
  2. Canal Drive (Kellogg to Edison)
  3. Creekstone (W. 20th Ave. to Irving)
  4. Clearwater (Steptoe to Columbia Center Blvd.)
  5. W. 10th Ave. (SR 395 to Quincy Place)

Project Location(s)

More Info

Start Date:
Summer 2024
Funding Source:Pavement Preservation Fund


Project is currently in the Design Phase, with anticipated advertisement in March, 2024 and construction Summer of 2024.    

Last updated 1/29/2024