4th Ave. & Elm St. Waterline Replacement (P2308)

Project Description

City of Kennewick (City) staff has identified deficient water mains in the neighborhood around East 4th Avenue and Elm Street. Existing mains vary in size from 1.25 inches, 2 inches, to 4 inches in diameter and are older galvanized water mains. Because of the small diameter lines, there is a lack of fire hydrants and firefighting resiliency along with deficient flows.  During recent years, the City has responded to multiple leaks in the area and the City has determined a need to replace the water mains with larger 8 inch diameter mains. The City’s proposed alignment also crosses the Columbia Irrigation District (CID) canal.  Additionally, there are over 50 water meters connected to the old undersized water mains. Most are located in difficult to access areas behind residents’ housing. After installation of the new water mains, water service meters will be relocated to the front yards and reconnected to individual homes, the roadway will be patched, and the small diameter water mains  will be abandoned.  

Construction Flyer

More Info

Start Date:
December 2023 
End Date:May 2024
Funding Source:
Water/Sewer Fund

Contact Info.

Contractor: Sonray Enterprises, LLC - Isaac Lefleur, Project Manager (208)610-9572

City of Kennewick Project Engineer: Caleb Shannon (509)585-4287

City of Kennewick Field Inspector: Joe Robles (509)231-4939


Working is being performed on Gum St. and along canal crossing. Fall.

Last updated 1/26/2024