Systemic Safety Street Lighting (P2214)

Project Description

They City of Kennewick received a grant through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to upgrade existing sodium luminaires on all arterial roadways.  At the locations identified on the Luminaire map (link below).  The existing inductive sodium street light luminaires located on existing City street lights will be removed and disposed.

More Info

Start Date:
September 2023
Est. End Date:
Spring 2024
Funding Source:
HSIP Grant

Click here to view Luminaire map

Contact Info

Contractor: Colvico, Inc. - Jesse Kure, Project Manager (509)432-4720

City of Kennewick Project Engineer: Mohammad Jalalyar (509)585-4430

City of Kennewick Project Inspector: Eddie Cuevas (509)727-4420


This contract was award to Colvico, Inc. on November 21, 2023.  Work is estimated to being March 2024.

Last updated 1/26/2024