2023 Crack Seal (P2314)

Project Description

This project consists of installing an estimated 44.27 tons of rubberized asphalt for crack sealing various roadway sections City-Wide as identified in the Contract Plans and Details.

More Info

Start Date:
September 2023
Est. End Date:
Spring 2024
Funding Source:
Capital Improvement Fund

Click here to view the updated project flyer! (May 2021)

Contact Info

Contractor: Pavement Surface Control - Justin West, Project Manager (509)308-3332

City of Kennewick Project Engineer: Kendrick Glover (509)585-4464

City of Kennewick Project Inspector: Brandon Loucks (509)727-3691


***Project us temporarily suspended***

Project is temporarily suspend due to weather.  

Last updated 1/26/2024