Park Hills Dr. Storm Rehabilitation (P2307)

Project Description

This project involves storm drainage improvements to address drainage and flooding issues located on Park Hills Drive, W. 16th Pl., and W. 14th Pl. located within the Park Hills Drive subdivision. Work will consist of the installation of storm drain structures, 10” and 12” storm drain service lines. As well as lining the existing 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, and 21” storm mainline. Also included will be the removal of an existing storm drain manhole, 8”, and 10” CMP pipe, and HMA patching. There will also be approximately 250 LF of 8” PVC waterline that will be installed to correct water pressure zones improperly connect.

Project Location

More Info

Start Date:
Spring/Summer 2024
End Date:
Winter 2025
Funding Source:
Stormwater Utility Fund


Design Phase 90%.

Last updated 1/26/2024