W. 46th Ave. & W. 47th Ave. Storm Drain Retrofit (P2116-23)

Project Description

This project will install a storm drain system on 46th Ave and 47th Ave and route it to the Ely St. storm drain system. Currently there are catch basins without any outlets. This will reduce stormwater maintenance costs to both of these streets, reduce flooding potential, and allow our limited stormwater crew to address higher priorities.
46th-47th Storm Drain Map 

More Info

Start Date:
June 2023
Est. End Date:
October 2023
Funding Source:
General Storm fund

Project Contract

City Project Engineer: Mohammad Jalalyar, P.E. - 509-585-4430

City Project Inspector: Brandon Loucks - 509-727-3691

Contractor: Ellison Earthworks, LLC - Kori Ellison 509-378-7035


Notice to proceed has been issued for June 5, 2023.  It is expected to be completed within 100 working days from notice to proceed.

Last updated 5/25/2023