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2023Annual Report

2023 (Q1) NIBRS Crime Stats

2023 NIBRS January- May

Annual Report

Q12022 (Q1) NIBRS Crime Stats (PDF)



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This is not a legal document: The information and maps shown on this website are compiled from various sources and subject to constant revision. These maps should not be used to determine the relationship of various facilities to property lines, streets, buildings, etc. This is an advisory tool and is intended to be used for general public inquiry only.


Numbers do not reflect official crime statistics for the Kennewick Police Department. Use the RAIDS Online Crime Mapping site to locate information concerning criminal activity in your neighborhood.


Many factors influence crime density. These maps should not be used to determine the general level of safety in a neighborhood. Kennewick Police Department cautions against using crime and/or other police data to make decisions/comparisons regarding the safety of an area or the amount of crime.


When looking at crime statistics, it is important to consider geography (business vs. residential), density, major institutions that exist within the boundaries of the reporting areas (i.e.: schools, hospitals, parks, etc.) and changes in crime over time. Data provided represents only the incident types listed on the map. Areas with a high volume of foot traffic or are more densely populated may have more reported crime.

If you have questions about personal, residential or business crime prevention, please contact the Kennewick Police Department Crime Prevention at 509-582-1351.