Photometric Data Collection & Study Project

Project Description

Staff was successful in acquiring a Federal Grant through the 2020 City Safety Selections program to perform a City-wide Photometric Data Collection & Study. The scope of work includes hiring a consultant to collect photometric data and perform an analysis of the data to determine illumination standards for the City's principal and minor arterial systems with average daily traffic greater than 12,000 vehicles per day.

Total project cost is estimated at $60,000 which is limited to the Design Phase. Since this is only a study, there is no construction phase. $2,500 will be obligated for City staff time, $500 for Washington DOT time, and $57,000 for a Consultant to collect data and provide a study.

More Info

Start Date:
Fall of 2021
End Date:
Funding Source:
2020 City Safety Selections Grant


This project is currently in the design phase and plans to go out to bid in Fall 2021.

Last updated: 7/20/2021