If You Were Involved

If you were involved, it is important you know that we will not stop until we bring closure for Sofia’s family and our community, regardless of how long it takes.


Relationships you’ve had with others change over time. Allegiances that others may have once had to you are now different. They know about your involvement, or at the very least are suspicious that you may be involved. 


This event has had a marked effect on your life. You have been looking over your shoulder since 2003. You may have trouble sleeping, maintaining employment, and/or changed your consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.


Each tip brings us closer to you. It is time to relieve this heavy burden that you have carried. It is time to help yourself. We encourage you to contact us.


Special Investigator Al Wehner

Direct line: 509-582-1331

Emergency Dispatch: 509-628-0333


Kennewick Police Department

211 W. 6th Avenue

Kennewick, WA 99336