Police arrived within three minutes after notification of Sofia’s disappearance. Police and civilian volunteer search teams began an immediate house-to-house search of the neighborhood that lasted through the night and into the next several days.


The FBI responded within hours to conduct a joint investigation into Sofia’s possible abduction. Washington’s first Amber Alert was issued for Sofia. Information was disseminated to local, state, and regional law enforcement agencies, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Police used K-9 scent, search and resue, and cadaver teams. Searches were conducted with thermal imaging and night vision scopes. Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters searched surrounding neighborhoods and remote areas. Searchers checked rivers, waterways, and street sewers. Searches of homes and vehicles were conducted.


Over 500 police officers, FBI agents, Dive and Rescue members, Incident Management Team personnel, and civilian volunteer members were involved in the search for Sofia in the first days of her disappearance.