US395/Ridgeline Drive Intersection (P1402-21)

Project Description

This project involves the construction of an interchange at the intersection of US395/Ridgeline Drive, which includes an undercrossing structure for Ridgeline Drive to cross under US395.

With the significant amount of growth in the Southridge area, a second US395 intersection is needed between I-82 and Hildebrand Rd. Currently, the Ridgeline Drive intersection with US395 is restricted to not allow left turns out from Ridgeline onto US395. This restricts the ability of adjacent properties to successfully develop without the benefit of easy access to and from their properties.

A traffic signal at US395/Ridgeline is not practical due to the steep grade of US395 and the amount of truck traffic that uses this route.

In partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation, an underpass interchange was chosen for this location. The project includes:

- Ridgeline Drive crossing underneath US395

- On and off ramps at this location

- An additional northbound US395 lane from Ridgeline to north of Hildebrand

- New turning lanes at all four legs of the US395/Hildebrand intersection

More Info

Start Date:
Est. End Date:
Fall of 2022
Est. Cost:

Funding Source:
Connecting Washington funds, National Highway Freight Program funds, and a Public Works Trust fund loan from the State

US395/Ridgeline Drive Project Map

Staging Plans


Key Schedule Milestones (subject to change)

- The project began in April 2021, with the relocation of utilities and the majority of earthwork being accomplished.

- Traffic was diverted to the east side bypass in October 2021, to allow for construction of the bridge undercrossing structure that will route future Ridgeline Drive to underneath US395. Traffic was rerouted back onto US395 in October 2022.

- The northbound and southbound on/off ramps have been constructed, along with an additional northbound US395 lane, the expansion of the US395/Hildebrand intersection (including a new traffic signal), and the new Zintel/Ridgeline roundabout. 

- Due to inclement weather and miscellaneous delays, the project will be completed in early Spring of 2023, including final paving, striping and signing.

Last updated 11/22/2022