Steptoe/Gage Intersection Improvements

Project Description

The Steptoe Street/Gage Boulevard intersection project will increase capacity and functionality with the addition of double left turn lanes, double through lanes and right turn lanes in all directions of the intersection. The project will consist of widening on all corners of the intersection, installation of new curb, gutter and wider sidewalks, retaining walls, landscape revisions, a new traffic signal, an asphalt overlay and lane striping revisions.

More Info

Start Date:
Spring 2023
Estimated End Date:
Fall/Winter 2023
Funding Source:
Grant has been awarded from BFCOG & FHWA

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This project opened for bids on July 13, 2022 with the City receiving one bid. Unfortunately, the bid amount was significantly higher than the Engineer's Estimate and therefore was rejected by City Council.

The City will be moving forward to re-advertise the project in December 2022 or January 2023.

Last updated 8/31/2022