United States 2020 Census

CensusHorizontalGraphic_handsOnce every 10 years, the Constitution requires that there be a full count of the population residing in the country. Called the 2020 Census, the exercise will begin in mid-March 2020 – and the time to prepare for it is NOW! An accurate census will bring important economic and political benefits to your community so be sure to respond to the invitation you receive in the mail in mid-March 2020. It is quick, easy, and safe! 

  4. IS IT SAFE?

Put simply – it drives decisions that will affect economic investments in your community and the weight of your political influence until 2031! You and your family can’t afford NOT be counted! 

The Census determines how we share political power in our democracy. The outcome of the count in 2020 will decide the number of representatives that each state gets in the US House of Representatives and the Electoral College. It will also be used to draw political boundaries for state and local districts. In the last census, Washington gained a seat – and now has 10 representatives defending our interests in the nation’s capital! 

The Federal Government also uses numbers from the Census to distribute more than $800 billion dollars in health, education, and infrastructure funds to states, counties, and cities. Locally, private and public agencies, organizations, businesses, and institutions use Census data to help determine where to build schools, roads, healthcare facilities, child care and senior centers, grocery stores, and new factories. 

In 2016, Washington received $16.7 billion of these funds – or $2,319 per person! The funds included: 

  • Almost $1 billion in transportation planning and construction 
  • $8.5 billion for health programs 
  • $2.4 billion for education (K-12 and higher ed) 
  • $1.2 billion for housing 
  • $555 million in rural assistance programs

Based on these numbers, the state would lose up to $5.8 million for each 100 households missed in the census, which would affect our ability to support children, veterans, senior citizens, and middle- and low-income families adequately. 

An accurate count of your community will ensure that you and your family get your fair share of state and federal resources and that your voice matters.