Creating a Site Plan

There are several processes at the City where even a quick sketch of a site plan is necessary to process an application or permit. Having a scaled site plan or map provides the City with the resources to answer your questions, and provide feedback on your application with the most accurate understanding of your request. The City's Parcel Researcher is a great resource to refer to when printing or emailing a site plan or map is necessary. You can use the Parcel Researcher to create a scaled map for your project, request, or application by following a few simple steps.

Open Parcel Researcher and Find Your Property

  • Click Here to open the Parcel Researcher in new Tab or Window
  • The Parcel Researcher may ask you to accept a statement that the City assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or trademark of information contained in this tool. This information is provided as-is from several third parties in addition to the City, but the map should be accurate enough to represent your project and/or request. Please click 'OK' once you've read the statement.

Accept Parcel Researcher

  • You can pan around the map by pressing and holding your left mouse button, or zoom in/out with a scroll wheel to find a property or area in the map. Typical gestures used on a laptop or tablet trackpad should work as well.
  • The easiest way to identify a property to print a site plan from is to use the 'Address' search bar in the top left corner of the map. As you type addresses will be suggested to complete your search. Items appearing under 'Kennewick Addresses' are addresses assigned by the City and are generally fairly accurate. Items appearing under 'Esri World Geocoder' are from other resources, and may not be entirely accurate. Once you see your address appear you can click it in the list to zoom in to that property.

Parcel Researcher Address Search

  • Tips for address searches:
    • The City's format for addresses are as follows: "Address Number" "Street Direction Abbreviation" "Street Name" "Abbreviated Street Type"
    • You do not need to type the street direction to see results, but adding it may lead to a more accurate result.
    • Directions (N,S,E,W, NE, NW, etc.) are always entered as abbreviations.
    • Street Types (Ave, St, Cir, Ln, etc.) are always entered as abbreviations. Common street type suffix abbreviations may be found on the USPS website.
    • Numbered streets are always entered using their numeral abbreviation, and are not spelled out in word form.

Finding Property Data

  • After your click on your address to zoom in, additional information will appear in a pop-up window. This information is general data on file with the City about your property's address.

Parcel Researcher Property Snip

  • If you click anywhere inside the property itself, a similar window will open showing the parcel information such as a link to the Benton County Assessor's Office Tax ID Card, Zoning District, Land Use Code, and several more categories.

Parcel Researcher Property Information Card

  • You can use the links within this parcel information card to open the Benton County Assessor's Office Tax ID Card or to print a simple site plan.

Creating a Site Plan without a Scale (for print or download)

  • For some requests a scale is not required, and you can print a simple map of your property in several different views. If you click the 'More Info' link next to 'PrintSitePlan' as shown in the image above you can download a simple site plan in several formats.