Zintel Canyon Mitigation 

An inter-departmental City team continues to work on various projects in partnership with the community and other agencies to include the Kennewick Irrigation District along the Spirit of America Trail in Zintel Canyon. This page will continue to be updated on completed items, upcoming projects, events and volunteer opportunities.

Recent Items

  • Hazardous tree removal, tree trimming, fire breaks, and fuel reduction from overgrown vegetation has already begun.
  • Fire Department has worked to identify and map mitigation zones throughout the canyon that identify specific actions needed to reduce fire hazards in each zone and provide for emergency response access for both Police and Fire. These mitigation zones will greatly assist our efforts as we continue with prioritizing on-going mitigation work.
  • Locations that had previous illegal encampments have been cleared and cleaned.
  • New signage installed at the main access points to the trail to prominently display park rules and a map of the emphasis area that was created last year. The designated emphasis area provides for the immediate removal of personal property left unattended in the canyon.
  • Continued Police patrols and emphasis, to include foot patrols, in and around Zintel Canyon.
  • Several coordinated volunteer clean-up projects. A huge thank you to to those that have given of their time - it has made a difference!
  • New trail markers installed at quarter mile points along the Spirit of America Trail. Markers will serve as distance milestones for those walking the trail and as location identifiers for contacting emergency services.
  • Partnership meetings with the Kennewick Irrigation District and coordination on assistance for City projects and updates on KID maintenance and infrastructure improvements in the Canyon.
  • On-going community outreach on the importance of creating defensible spaces to reduce the risks from wildfire. Please check out information on Reducing Fire Ignition Zones. Homeowners can also take steps to form a neighborhood group that works together to become a Firewise USA recognized site by the National Fire Protection Association. If you want to spearhead this effort, we would love to work with you to make it happen! 

Upcoming Items & Events

  • Team Rubicon! - An amazing partnership has been established with this veteran-led disaster response organization who will be launching a three-day operation beginning Friday, April 12th to provide fire mitigation in Zintel Canyon. Part of the canyon and Spirit of America Trail will be closed during their work for the safety of Team Rubicon and the public. Team Rubicon Press Release
  • Do you have a group that would like to volunteer for a special project in Zintel Canyon? Please let us know by checking out our Volunteer Opportunity Page!