Citizen's Academy

2023 Citizens Academy

The City of Kennewick Citizen’s Academy is a free two-night program designed to provide community members with a better understanding of the workings of their local government. The Citizen's Academy covers a wide range of topics, including how the annual budget is developed, how public safety resources are deployed and Council priorities. The goal of the Citizen’s Academy is to better equip the community to fully participate in the process of building Kennewick's future. There will be an interactive and engaging sessions to help people find out how they can be more involved in the City of Kennewick. 
The academy will be held February 22nd and February 23 from 5:30pm -8pm in the Council Chambers.  A full agenda will be provided before the first meeting. 

Applications must be submitted by February 6th, 2023.
Space is limited to 25 people

Citizen's Academy Application

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