Step 6 - Permitting

6.3 MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL LAND USE REVIEW: Does your project require a land use permit?

You will need a land use permit in addition to your building permits if you are constructing multifamily residential units of three (3) or more dwelling units on one (1) lot.

Kennewick’s Development Review Process

If you need a land use permit, review the flow chart below to get an idea of what to expect throughout the review process. Land use review times vary largely depending on the type of project and whether or not submissions contain all required materials. In general, the development review process will take from two (2) to six (6) weeks.

Site Plan Review 2018 updates.Link to Checklist for web

Multi-Family Land Use and Building Permit Application

Review the step-by-step guidance below to learn how to proceed with the land use and building permitting process for your multi-family residential project.

Schedule your mandatory Pre-Application Meeting

Step 6 Permitting Step 1

Prepare preliminary site plan information for your required Pre-Application Meeting.

Apply for your Preliminary Site Plan Approval

Step 6 Permitting Step 2

Review the Site Plan Contents Checklist and prepare your materials to apply for your Preliminary Site Plan Approval.

* Tier 3 requires the completion of a SEPA checklist to determine if environmental conditions may constrain your project.

Submit your Final Site Plan, Building and Civil Permit Applications
Step 6 Permitting Step 3

Address any identified issues with your preliminary site plan submission and prepare to submit your final plan and permit applications. Submitting all of your materials at the same time allows for a more efficient and concurrent review by the City of Kennewick.

When is an architect required?

Multi-family projects over 4,000 square feet must be drawn and stamped by a Washington State licensed architect.

Review and respond to any deficiencies in your plans
Step 6 Permitting Step 4After submitting your application package (Over-the-counter OR via Express) the city departments will review them to ensure completeness. Subsequent submittals may be required for missing information.
  • If applicable, review and respond to any questions from the city and resubmit

Schedule your Pre-Construction meeting and pay applicable fees to receive your permits
Step 6 Permitting Step 5Once review is complete and approved, city staff will contact you and schedule your required Pre-Construction meeting where you will pay fees due and receive your permits.
  • Relevant information for your Pre-Construction meeting will be explained when the city contacts you for scheduling.
Fee TypeRequirementsApplicable Fees
Permit Fees

Fees for various construction permits for your project.

Permit Fees Estimator
Traffic Impact Fees

Traffic impact fees are one-time charges on construction of residential homes, commercial buildings and tenant improvements.

Traffic Impact Fees
Park Impact Fees

Park Impact Fees are due for residential development prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy and due for residential single-family units prior to issuance of building permits.

Park Impact Fees

Inspections and Occupancy
Step 6 Sep 6Review sections (5) and (6) for details.

These tools are provided for guidance purposes and should not be used as a substitute for codes and regulations. The user is responsible for compliance with all requirements, regardless of whether they are referred to or contained within these documents.