Important Utility Billing & Acccount Information

Billing Cycles, Due dates, Penalties and Extensions 

  • Accounts bill on an approximately 60-day cycle, so you will receive a billing statement every other month.  Your billing date is determined by your physical address and cannot be changed.
  • Your first statement will be pro-rated from your account start-date up until the billing date for your cycle. 
  • Your first billing statement will include a $15.00 new account set-up fee.  This is a one-time, non-refundable service fee for all new accounts. If you start service at a new address in Kennewick the new account set-up fee will apply even if you had service at a previous address.
  • The due date is 20 days from the billing date.
  • Extensions may be granted on accounts up to five business days before your next billing cycle.  To obtain an extension contact Customer Service at (509) 585-4266.  Extension privileges will be revoked if extensions are not honored and penalties will be assessed.
  • A late notice processing fee of $10.00 is assessed on your account and a notice is mailed if there is still a balance owing 30 days after the original billing date.
  • A delinquent penalty of $80.00 is assessed on your account if there is still a balance owing after the Final Payment Date on the late notice.  At this time a notice will be posted at the property and the service is subject to disconnection.
  • Any time services are disconnected, the full account balance is required before services will be reconnected.  Payment must be received, and Customer Service must be contacted to request reconnection of services, by 4pm.
  • If your service is disconnected and you request reconnection after 4pm, you will be charged an after-hours reconnection fee of $225.00

Heat Alerts

  • Pursuant to 2023 HB1329, effective 07/23/23, should a National Weather Service heat alert occur and you have been disconnected for nonpayment you are lawfully able to request reconnection of service. 
  • To request reconnection of services please contact Customer Service by calling (509) 585-4266.
  • Reconnection of services does not clear your account of delinquency and services will be disconnected following end of heat alerts.   
  • Reconnection can only be requested for services that have been disconnected due to nonpayment; disconnections for lack of established account, liens or other reasons are not eligible for reconnection under heat alerts and will follow normal reconnection procedures once paid and/or active sign-in.
  • For additional information please contact Customer Service by calling (509) 585-4266.

Making Payments

  • Payments are accepted in person at City Hall using cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards.
  • Create an on-line services profile and add your account to make payments, view account summary, consumption history and more.  It is free to make a payment on our website, no service fees.  Payments made on-line post to your account immediately. You can also connect multiple accounts to a single profile.
  • Sign up for autopay- payments will be withdrawn directly from your checking account on the due date of your billing cycle.
  • Paymentus is our automated phone payment system, available by calling Customer Service at (509) 585-4266.  A service fee of $3.39 for each transaction up to $250 is charged in addition to your current balance, and payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard or Discover debit or credit cards or Electronic Check using a routing and checking account number.
  • You can send payments from your bank’s bill pay service by adding the City of Kennewick as a payee with your utility account number.
  • A drive-up drop box is available in the east parking lot at City Hall.

Account Maintenance

  • Your account number is unique and assigned by property address.  If you move, your account number will change; your old account will be closed when you request and you will request to start a new account at your new address.  You will need to update autopay, billpay or online services accounts that you may have saved to reflect your new account number.
  • If you need to change your billing address, please contact Customer Service at (509) 585-4266.  Updating your online services profile does not update our billing system.
  • E-billing is available!  Your original statement would be sent directly to your email address.  If a late statement generates, it is mailed as a hard copy to your mailing address on file.